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Talented Breakthrough Artist- Rockin’ good time
By LinuxDryver – November 12, 2013

Download it and turn it up. Mark’s got talent, for sure (played all the instruments on this album). This album is a Journey… from “Boogie Queen” and “Sweet Life”, (killer guitar riffs and drums) which have a definite groovin’ feel, to the inspirational “We can make it”, his album not only has great range, but depth and pathos.. You can actually hear and feel his pain, in “painful as it is..” Mark sings with such passion and emotion — and the songs are complex and well written (Production is excellent) – and (like Stings “field of gold”) “We can make it” holds true on it’s promise and delivers – love the classic rock feel, too. Raw Honey – just plain rocks! Lookin’ forward to the tour!

Crank it! By Mike

Crank it up! It’s a great CD. High production value. Catchy tunes. Emotional, theatrical, fun. Mark Gable is a master musician. His voice and his music rock. After hearing this CD, I can’t wait to see him live.

YES!!! By Human1love

FINALLY- A true artist with a bit of that heart & soul of the magical era of the 70’s rock & pop sound is here! You can hear those influences all over his songs. Mark also has a spiritual undertone in some songs like Forever Angel. And by the way this song Forever Angel will mesmerize you as MG takes you on an EPIC journey of emotions from the start that will leave you gasping for air when Mark crash lands into Heaven to be with his Forever Angel! Mark’s songs like Raw Honey, She’s So Fine, Let It Be Me & Sweet Life need to be on the major radio stations now! Instead of most of the current crap they are playing. And Boogie Queen should be in every major dance club in the world! This song grooves big time and has some hip characters in it, that make this song a blast to listen too! And on top of all this he wrote, sang and played everything himself on this CD! Wow! Great job Mark Gable!!!

OFF THE CHAIN!!!!!!!, November 12, 2013
By Skyking

It’s incredibly strong! An innovative album that any listener can hear there’s nothin’ but more greatness to come from Mark Gable! You can just feel it! Boogie Queen is this crazy retro rockin’ disco vibe of a song with a Queen (pun not intended, but still cool lol) like guitar riff and Gable busts out these crazy characters that sounds like something out of Star Wars like it’s Jabba the Hut killin’ it with all the ladies on the disco floor! Too cool! Ha ha! Raw Honey has a great groove with a catchy hook and some rockin’ guitar lines too! I love when Gable sings! Baby you know I’m devoted to your lickety sticky coochieness! Ha ha! Love it! Forever Angel is just plain Forever Epic! Painful As It Is has that old 70’s Foreigner tough like guitar line riffing attitude! And the lyrics about two people who’ve fallen out of love with each other but neither one wants to be the first to break it off, is so painfully sad and true! We Can Make It is very catchy too reminds me of that Classic incredible vibe of Boston! Pretty Wild Rose is just a beautiful song and Gable’s guitar solo in this song is a slice of Classic Rock & Roll Heaven! Lastly I read Mark Gable wrote all the songs, sang and played all the instruments, and produced it. Hey now that’s a rockin’ original concept across the board, in today’s American false idol days! 😉 20 years from now Mark Gable’s Forever Angel CD will still be groovin’, rockin’ and touchin’ your heart & soul. I guarantee it! Get it you won’t be disappointed!

WOW, November 5, 2013
By Soulsista3

Mark Gable’s Forever Angel has quickly become my favourite album. From the opening song Boogie Queen I was hooked with the title track taking me on a journey that left me breathless. What an amazing talent this guy is. There are so many great songs here I find I have a new favourite every day :). It’s fun, it’s catchy and there’s a lot of raw emotion to be found here too. This has become my favourite album, let it become yours too!

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